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Chronological List of CEIC Published Papers, Books, Dissertations, and Reports

List of CEIC Published Papers Sorted by Category

PhD Dissertations

Analysis of Selected Regulatory Interventions to Improve Energy Efficiency, Russell M. Meyer, 2014

Oxyfuel Carbon Capture For Pulverized Coal: Techno-Economic Model Creation and Evaluation Amongst Alternatives, Kyle James Borgert, 2015

Retrospective and prospective analysis of policy incentives for wind power in Portugal, Ivonne A Pena Cabra, 2014

Development of Geostatistical Models to Estimate CO2 Storage Resource in Sedimentary Geologic Formations, Olga Popova, 2014

Access to Electricity in Rural India - Tradeoffs and Interventions for Meaningful Electrification, Santosh Maddur Harish, 2014

Exploring the Deployment Potential of Small Modular Reactors, Ahmed Abdulla, 2014

Reducing Carbon Intensity in Restructured Markets: Challenges and Potential Solutions, Roger Lueken, 2014

Cost Effectiveness of CO2 Mitigation Technologies and Policies in the Electricity Sector, Jared Moore, 2014

Assessing the Costs and Risks of Novel Wind Turbine Applications, Stephen Rose, 2013

Facilitating the Development and Integration of Low-Carbon Energy Technologies, Emily Fertig, 2013

Managing Wind Power Forecast Uncertainty in Electric Grids, Brandon Mauch, 2012

Topics in Residential Electric Demand Response, Shira R. Horowitz, 2012

Integrating Variable Renewables into the Electric Grid: An Evaluation of Challenges and Potential Solutions, Colleen A. Lueken, 2012

Energy Storage on the Grid and the Short-term Variability of Wind, Eric Hittinger, 2012

Does Tropical Cyclone Modification Make Sense? A Decision Analytic Perspective, Kelly Klima, 2012

Evaluating Interventions in the U.S. Electricity System: Assessments of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Small-Scale Cogeneration, Kyle Siler-Evans, 2012

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Battery Degradation, Grid Support, Emissions, and Battery Size Tradeoffs, Scott B. Peterson, 2012

Geologic CO2 Sequestration and Subsurface Property Rights: A Legal and Economic Analysis, Robert Lee Gresham, 2010

Wind Power Variability, Its Cost, and Effect on Power Plant Emissions, Warren Katzenstein, 2010

Essays on Power Systems Economics, Sompop Pattanariyankool, 2010

A Life Cycle Approach to Technology, Infrastructure, and Climate Policy Decision Making: Transitioning to Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Low-Carbon Electricity, Costa Samaras, 2009

Integrating Comprehensive Air Quality Modeling with Policy Analysis: Applications for Distributed Electricity Generation, Elisabeth Gilmore, 2009

Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Residential Sector: An Engineering and Economic Assessment of Opportunities for Large Energy Savings and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions, Inês Margarida Lima de Azevedo, 2009

Coal Supply and Cost Under Technological and Environmental Uncertainty, Melissa Chan, 2009

Meeting Electric Peak on the Demand Side: Wholesale and Retail Market Impacts of Real-Time Pricing and Peak Load Management Policy, Kathleen Spees, 2008

"Limiting the Financial Risks of Electricity Generation Capital Investments Under Carbon Constraints: Applications and Opportunities for Public Policies and Private Investments", Adam Newcomer, 2008

"Emerging Electric Energy Storage Technologies and Demand Response in Deregulated Electricity Markets", Rahul S. Walawalkar, 2008

"The Economics of CO2 Transport by Pipeline and Storage in Saline Aquifers and Oil Reservoirs", Sean T. McCoy 2008

"A Life Cycle Comparison of Coal and Natural Gas for Electricity
Generation and the Production of Transportation Fuels", Paulina Jaramillo, 2007

"A Decentralized Approach to Reducing the Social Costs of Cascading Failures", Paul Hines, 2007

"An Electricity-focused Economic Input-output Model: Life-cycle Assessment and Policy Implications of Future Electricity Generation Scenarios", Joe Marriott, 2007

"U.S. Biomass Energy: An Assessment of Costs & Infrastructure for Alternative Uses of Biomass Energy Crops as an Energy Feedstock", William Morrow, 2006

"Capturing CO2 From Ambient Air: A Feasibility Assessment", Joshuah K. Stolaroff, 2006.

"Valuing Risk-Reduction: Three applications in the Electricity Industry.", Dalia Patiño Echeverri, 2006.

"Electric Power Micro-grids: Opportunities and Challenges for an Emerging Distributed Energy Architecture", Douglas E. King, 2006

"Network Topologies and Transmission Investment Under Electric-Industry Restructuring", Seth Adam Blumsack, 2006

"A Technical and Economic Assessment of CO2 Capture Technology for IGCC Power Plants", Chao Chen, 2005

"Future Electricity Generation: An Economic and Environmental Life Cycle Perspective on Near-, Mid- and Long-Term Technology Options and Policy Implications", Joule Andrea Bergerson, 2005

Mapping Alternatives: Facilitating Citizen Participation in Development Planning and Environmental Decision Making, Shalini P. Vajjhala 2005

"The Economics and Environmental Impacts of Large-Scale Wind Power in a Carbon Constrained World", Joseph DeCarolis, 2004

"Two Essays on Problems of Deregulated Electricity Markets", Dmitri Perekhodtsev, 2004

"Electric Power Systems Under Stress: An Evaluation of Centralized Versus Distributed System Architectures", Hisham Zerriffi, 2004

Reports, periodicals and other publications

Testimony by Jay Apt to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency July 31, 2014

Microgrids for Rural Electrification:A critical review of best practices based on seven case studies

Managing Variable Energy Resources to Increase Renewable Electricity's Contribution to the Grid

Comment on FERC NOPR on Integration of Variable Energy Resources March 2011

The Many Meanings of "Smart Grid"
      --Congressional Staff Briefing January 6, 2010: Smart Grid, Sorting the Reality from the Hype

Testimony by Jay Apt to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce, Subcommittee on Energy and Environment Hearing on The American Clean Energy Security Act of 2009, April 23, 2009.    
     (View Video in Windows Media Format  Note: Dr. Apt's testimony begins 54 minutes into the video).

Cap and Trade is Not Enough: Improving U.S. Climate Policy

Testimony by Lester B. Lave before the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, February 10, 2009     
     (View Video in Flash Format  Note: Dr. Lave's testimony begins 38 minutes into the video).

Article from Fall 2008 Issues in Science & Technology, "A National Renewables Portfolio Standard?"

"Policy Brief on the Smart Metering, Peak Load Reduction, and Efficiency Provisions of Pennsylvania House Bills 2200 and 2201"

"Generating Electricity from Renewables: Crafting Policies that Achieve Society's Goals"

"Incentives for Near-Term Carbon Dioxide Geological Sequestration"

Article from the Spring 2007 Issues in Science and Technology, "Promoting Low-Carbon Electricity Production"

Op-Ed Piece (The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 25, 2007, page H1) "Carbon Culprits"

Competitive Energy Options for Pennsylvania

Chapter 14 of Seeds of Disaster, Roots of Response: How Private Action Can Reduce Public Vulnerability

Comments on Wholesale and Retail Electricity Competition to the Electric Energy Market Competition Interagency Task Force and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Op-Ed Piece (The New York Times, August 13, 2005) Electricity Traffic Control

The U.S. Electric Power Sector and Climate Change Mitigation

Critical Electric Power Issues in Pennsylvania: Transmission, Distributed Generation, and Continuing Services when the Grid Fails

Article from Summer 2004 Issues in Science & Technology, "Electrical Blackouts: A Systemic Problem"

Op-Ed Piece (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, August 15, 2004) Let There Be Light

Op-Ed Piece (Washington Post, August 10, 2004, Page A19) "Blackouts Are Inevitable"

Comments on FERC Standard Market Design NOPR

Letter to Congress on Homeland Security legislation.

Article from Issues in Science and Technology on improving the security and survivability of the electric power system.

Science Debate on Wind Energy

Working Papers

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CEIC-15-06: "A behavioral decision research approach to energy efficiency"
By Alex Davis, Gabrielle Wong-Parodi, and Tamar Krishnamurti

CEIC-15-05: "Quantifying Sources of Uncertainty in Reanalysis Derived Wind Speed"
By Stephen Rose and Jay Apt

CEIC-15-04: "The Economics of Commercial Demand Response for Spinning Reserve"
By Michael Fisher, Jay Apt, Fallaw Sowell

CEIC-15-03: "Geographic smoothing of solar PV"
By Kelly Klima, and Jay Apt

CEIC-15-02: "The Health Effects of a USA Switch from Coal to Gas Electricity Generation"
By Roger Lueken, Kelly Klima, W. Michael Griffin, and Jay Apt

Roger Lueken, Jay Apt, Fallaw Sowell

CEIC-14-05: "What Can Reanalysis Data Tell Us About Wind Power?"
Stephen Rose and Jay Apt

CEIC-14-04: "Is It Always Windy Somewhere? Occurrence of Low-Wind-Power Events over Large Areas"
Mark A. Handschy, Stephen Rose, and Jay Apt

CEIC-14-03: "Consumer Cost Effectiveness of CO2 Mitigation Policies in Restructured Electricity Markets"
Jared Moore and Jay Apt

CEIC-14-02: "The Social Costs and Benefits of Wind Energy: A Case Study of the PJM Interconnection"
Roger Lueken, Jared Moore, and Jay Apt

CEIC-13-07: "Quantifying the Hurricane Catastrophe Risk to Offshore Wind Power"
Stephen Rose, Paulina Jaramillo, Mitchell J. Small, and Jay Apt

CEIC-13-06: "Redesigning Bills: The Effect of Format on Responses to Electricity Use Information"
Casey Canfield and Gabrielle Wong-Parodi

CEIC-13-05: "The Effects of Bulk Electricity Storage on the PJM Market"
Roger Lueken and Jay Apt

CEIC-13-04: "What Day-Ahead Reserves are Needed in Electric Grids with High Levels of Wind Power?"
Brandon Mauch, Jay Apt, Pedro M.S. Carvalho, and Paulina Jaramillo

CEIC-13-03: "Near-term Economics and Equity of Balancing Area Consolidation to Support Wind Integration"
Todd Ryan, Paulina Jaramillo, and Gabriela Hug

CEIC-13-02: "Forecasting For Direct Load Control In Energy Markets"
Shira Horowitz, Brandon Mauch, and Fallaw Sowell

CEIC-13-01: "Estimating the Potential of Controlled Electric Vehicle Charging to Reduce Operational and Capacity Expansion Costs for Electric Power Systems with a Renewable Portfolio Standard"
Allison Weis, Paulina Jaramillo, Jeremy Michalek


CEIC-12-08: "Production Cost and Air Emissions Impacts of Coal-Cycling in Power Systems with Large-Scale Wind Penetration"
David Luke Oates and Paulina Jaramillo

CEIC-12-07: "Quantifying the Hurricane Catastrophe Risk to Offshore Wind Power"
Stephen Rose, Paulina Jaramillo, Mitchell J. Small, Jay Apt

CEIC-12-06: "An Effective Method for Modeling Wind Power Forecast Uncertainty"
Brandon Mauch, Jay Apt, Pedro M.S. Carvalho and Mitchell J. Small

CEIC-12-05: "The Cost of Curtailing Wind Turbines for Secondary Frequency Regulation Capacity"
Stephen Rose and Jay Apt

CEIC-12-04: "Optimal Investment Timing and Capacity Choice for Pumped Hydropower Storage"
Emily Fertig, Ane Marte Heggedal, Gerard Doorman, and Jay Apt 

CEIC-12-03: "The Effect of Long-distance Interconnection on Wind Power Variability"
Emily Fertig, Warren Katzenstein, Jay Apt, and Paulina Jaramillo  

CEIC-12-02: "Equity and Efficiency in Residential Electricity Pricing"
Shira Horowitz and Lester Lave

CEIC-12-01: "Hurricane Risk to Offshore Wind Turbines Along the U.S. Coast"
Stephen Rose, Paulina Jaramillo, Mitchell J. Small, Iris Grossmann, and Jay Apt


CEIC-11-07: "What Properties of Grid Energy Storage are Most Valuable?"
Eric Hittinger, J.F. Whitacre, Jay Apt

CEIC-11-06: "Reserve Requirements for Primary Frequency Control Increase Sharply at High Levels of Wind Penetration"
Daniel Schnitzer and Jay Apt

CEIC-11-05: "Incorporating Seismic Concerns in Site Selection for Enhanced Geothermal Power Generation"
Enes Hoşgör, Jay Apt and Baruch Fischhoff

CEIC-11-04: "The Cost of Solar Power Variability"
Colleen Horin, Gilbert E. Cohen, and Jay Apt

CEIC-11-03: "Quantifying the Hurricane Risk to Offshore Wind Turbines"
Stephen Rose, Paulina Jaramillo, Mitchell Small, Iris Grossmann and Jay Apt

CEIC-11-02: "Distribution Grid Reconfiguration Reduces Power Losses and Helps Integrate Renewables"
Colleen Horin, Pedro M. S. Carvalho, and Jay Apt

CEIC-11-01: "Power Consumption of Video Game Consoles Under Realistic Usage Patterns"
E. Hittinger


CEIC-10-06: "Can a Wind Farm with Storage Survive in the Day-ahead Market?"
Brandon Mauch, Pedro M.S. Carvalho, and Jay Apt

CEIC-10-05: "The Cost of Wind Power Variability"
Warren Katzenstein and Jay Apt

CEIC-10-04: "Net Air Emissions from Electric Vehicles: The Effect of Carbon Price and Charging Strategies"
Scott B. Peterson, J.F. Whitacre, and Jay Apt

CEIC-10-03: "Generating Wind Time Series as a Hybrid of Measured and Simulated Data"
Stephen Rose and Jay Apt

CEIC-10-02: "Economics of Compressed Air Energy Storage to Integrate Wind Power: A Case Study in ERCOT"
Emily Fertig and Jay Apt

CEIC-10-01: "Compensating for Wind Variability Using Co-Located Natural Gas Generation and Energy Storage"
Eric Hittinger, J.F. Whitacre, Jay Apt


CEIC-09-07: "The Variability of Interconnected Wind Plants"
Warren Katzenstein, Emily Fertig, Jay Apt

CEIC-09-06: "Public Preferences of Electricity Portfolios with CCS and Other Low-Carbon Technologies"
Lauren A. Fleishman; Wändi Bruine de Bruin; and M. Granger Morgan

CEIC-09-05: "Implications of Compensating Property-Owners for Geologic Sequestration of CO2"
R. Lee Gresham, Jay Apt, M. Granger Morgan, Sean T. McCoy

CEIC-09-04: "The Air Quality and Human Health Effects of Integrating Utility-Scale Batteries into the New York State Electricity Grid"
Elisabeth A. Gilmore, Jay Apt, Rahul Walawalkar , Peter J. Adams and Lester B. Lave

CEIC-09-03: "The Economics of Using PHEV Battery Packs for Grid Storage"
Scott Peterson, Jay Whitacre, and Jay Apt

CEIC-09-02: "Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Degradation Resulting from Realistic Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Grid Utilization"
Scott Peterson, Jay Apt, and Jay Whitacre

CEIC-09-01: "Large Blackouts in North America: Historical Trends and Policy Implications"
Paul Hines, Jay Apt, and Sarosh Talukdar


CEIC-08-05: "Optimizing Transmission from Distant Wind Farms"
Sompop Pattanariyankool and Lester B. Lave

CEIC-08-04: "The Spectrum of Power from Utility-Scale Wind Farms and Solar Photovoltaic Arrays"
Jay Apt and Aimee Curtright

CEIC-08-03: "Electricity Prices and Costs Under Regulation and Restructuring"
Seth Blumsack, Lester B. Lave, and Jay Apt

CEIC-08-02: "Short Run Effects of a Price on Carbon Dioxide Emissions from U.S. Electric Generators"
Adam Newcomer, Seth A. Blumsack, Jay Apt, Lester B. Lave, and M. Granger Morgan

CEIC-08-01: "Trends in the History of Large Blackouts in the United States"
Paul Hines, Jay Apt and Sarosh Talukdar


CEIC-07-15: "Measuring the Benefits and Costs of Regional Electric Grid Integration"
Seth Blumsack

CEIC-07-14: "Do RTOs Promote Renewables? A Study of State-Level Data over Time"
Kathleen Spees and Lester Lave

CEIC-07-13: "Analyzing PJM's Economic Demand Response Program"
Rahul Walawalkar, Seth Blumsack, Jay Apt, and Stephen Fernands

CEIC-07-11: "Implications of generator siting for CO2 pipeline infrastructure"
Adam Newcomer and Jay Apt

CEIC-07-10: "Storing Syngas Lowers the Carbon Price for Profitable Coal Gasification"
Adam Newcomer and Jay Apt

CEIC-07-08: "A Centrality Measure for Electrical Networks"
Paul Hines and Seth Blumsack

CEIC-07-07: "Deregulation/Restructuring, Where Should We Go from Here?"
Lester Lave, Jay Apt, and Seth Blumsack

CEIC-07-06: "Should a coal-fired power plant be replaced or retrofitted?"
Dalia Patiño-Echeverri, Benoît Morel, Jay Apt, and Chao Chen

CEIC-07-05: "The Character of Power Output from Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Systems"
Aimee E. Curtright and Jay Apt

CEIC-07-04: "For Energy Security and Greenhouse Gas Reductions, Plugin Hybrids a More Sensible Pathway than Coal-to-Liquids Gasoline"
Paulina Jaramillo and Constantine Samaras

CEIC-07-03: "The Aging Workforce: Electricity Industry Challenges and Solutions"
Lester B. Lave, Michael Ashworth and Clark Gellings

CEIC-07-02: "Impacts of Responsive Load in PJM: Load Shifting and Real Time Pricing"
Kathleen Spees and Lester Lave

CEIC-07-01: "Demand Response and Electricity Market Efficiency"
Kathleen Spees and Lester Lave


CEIC-06-12: "The Value of Using Coal Gasification as a Long-Term Natural Gas Hedge for Ratepayers"
David C. Rode and Paul S. Fischbeck

CEIC-06-11: "Decomposing Congestion and Reliability"
Seth Blumsack, Marija Ilić, and Lester B. Lave

CEIC-06-10: "Modeling the Operation and Maintenance Costs of a Large Scale Tidal Current Turbine Farm"
Ye Li and H. Keith Florig

CEIC-06-09: "A Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship Between Congestion and Reliability in Electric Power Networks"
Seth Blumsack, Lester B. Lave, and Marija Ilić

CEIC-06-08: "Topological Elements of Transmission Pricing and Planning"
Seth Blumsack, Lester B. Lave, and Marija Ilić

CEIC-06-07: "Planning for Natural Disasters in a Stochastic World"
Lester B. Lave and Jay Apt

CEIC-06-06: "Power System Harmonic State Estimation and Observability Analysis via Sparsity Maximization"
Huaiwei Liao

CEIC-06-05: "Learning from wind: A framework for effective low-carbon energy diffusion"
Constantine T. Samaras

CEIC-06-04: "Economics of electric energy storage for energy arbitrage and regulation in New York"
Rahul Walawalkar, Jay Apt, Rick Mancini

CEIC-06-03: "An options theory method to value Electricity Financial Transmission Rights"
Dalia Patiño-Echeverri and Benoit Morel

CEIC-06-02: "Can the U.S. have reliable electricity?"
Jay Apt, Lester B. Lave, M. Granger Morgan

CEIC-06-01: "The Spectrum of Power From Wind Turbines"
Jay Apt


CEIC-05-09: "Lessons from the Failure of U.S. Electricity Restructuring"
Seth A. Blumsack, Jay Apt, and Lester B. Lave

CEIC-05-08: "The regulatory environment for interconnected electric power micro-grids: insights from state regulatory officials"
Douglas E. King

CEIC-05-07: "Controlling Cascading Failures with Cooperative Autonomous Agents"
Paul Hines and Sarosh Talukdar

CEIC-05-06: "Transmission Line Reliability, Climate Change and Extreme Weather"
Gibson Peters, Tony DiGioia Jr., P.E.,Chris Hendrickson, and Jay Apt

CEIC-05-05: "CO2 capture from ambient air: An example system"
Joshuah K. Stolaroff, Greg V. Lowry & David W. Keith

CEIC-05-04: "Controlling Cascading Failures with Cooperative Autonomous Agents"
Paul Hines

CEIC-05-03: "A broad assessment of manure to power technology and investigation of a potential wind-biogas synergy"
Kyle Meisterling

CEIC-05-02: "A Technical and Economic Assessment of Transport and Storage of CO2 in Deep Saline Aquifers for Power Plant Greenhouse Gas Control"
Sean McCoy

CEIC-05-01: "Competition Has Not Lowered US Industrial Electricity Prices"
Jay Apt


CEIC-04-09: "Autonomous Agents and Cooperation for the Control of Cascading Failures in Electric Grids"
Paul Hines, Huaiwei Liao, Dong Jia, and Sarosh Talukdar

CEIC-04-08: "Phase Transitions in the Probability of Cascading Failures"
Huaiwei Liao, Jay Apt, Sarosh Talukdar

CEIC-04-07: "Distributed Model Predictive Control for Electric Grids"
Paul Hines, Dong Jia, and Sarosh Talukdar

CEIC-04-06: "Are Renewables Portfolio Standards Cost-effective Emission Abatement Policy?"
Katerina Dobesova, Jay Apt and Lester B. Lave

CEIC-04-05: " Clean air and affordable electricity? "
Dalia Patiño-Echeverri, Zhiyong Wu and Marija Ilic

CEIC-04-04: " Comparative Assessments of Fossil Fuel Power Plants With C02 Capture and Storage "
Edward S. Rubin, Anand B. Rao and Chao Chen

CEIC-04-03: "Rethinking Electricity Deregulation"
Lester B. Lave, Jay Apt, and Seth Blumsack

CEIC-04-02: "Consumer Strategies for Controlling Electric Water Heaters under Dynamic Pricing"
Chong Hock K. Goh and Jay Apt

CEIC-04-01: "Electrical Blackouts: Repeating Our Mistakes"
Jay Apt, Lester B. Lave, Sarosh Talukdar, M. Granger Morgan, and Marija Ilic


CEIC-03-18: "A Current Study of Automatic Meter Reading Solutions via Power Line Communications"
Chong Hock K Goh

CEIC-03-17: "Guidance for Drafting State Legislation to Facilitate the Growth of Independent Electric Power Micro-Grids"
Douglas King and M. Granger Morgan

CEIC-03-16: "Market dynamics driven by the decision-making of both power producers and transmission owners"
Anna Minoia, Damien Ernst, and Marija Ilic

CEIC-03-15: "Market dynamics driven by the decision-making power producers"
Damien Ernst, Anna Minoia, and Marija Ilic

CEIC-03-14: "Maintaining Stability with Distributed Generation in a Restructured Industry"
Judith Cardell and Marija Ilic

CEIC-03-13: "Temporal Hotspots in Emission Trading Programs: Evidence From The Ozone Transport Commission’s NOX Budget"
Alexander E. Farrell

CEIC-03-12: "Cascading Failures: Survival vs. Prevention"
Sarosh N. Talukdar, Jay Apt, Marija Ilic, Lester B. Lave, and M. Granger Morgan

CEIC-03-11: "Electric Gridlock: A National Solution"
Jay Apt and Lester B. Lave

CEIC 03-10: "Introducing Electric Power into a Multi-Disciplinary Curriculum for Network Industries"
Marija Ilic, Jay Apt, Pradeep Khosla, Lester Lave, Granger Morgan, Sarosh Talukdar

CEIC 03-08: "Risk Analysis and Project Capital Structures"
David C. Rode, Peter R. Lewis, and Paul S. Fischbeck

CEIC 03-07: "Distributed Power Generation: Rural India – A Case Study"
Anshu Bharadwaj and Rahul Tongia

CEIC 03-06: "Transmission Line Siting: A Quantitative Analysis of Transmission Demand and Siting Difficulty"
Shalini Vajjhala

CEIC 03-05: "A Life Cycle Analysis of Electricity Generation Technologies:
Health and Environmental Implications of Alternative Fuels and Technologies
Joule Bergerson & Lester Lave

CEIC 03-04: "Should We Transport Coal, Gas or Electricity: Cost, Efficiency & Environmental"
Joule Bergerson

CEIC 03-03: "The Cost of Regulatory Uncertainty in Air Emissions for a Coal-fired Power Plant"
Dalia Patiño Echeverri

CEIC 03-02: "A Technical and Economic Assessment of Selexol-based CO2 Capture Technology for IGCC Power Plants"
Chao Chen

CEIC 03-01: "Fossil Electricity and CO2 Sequestration: How Natural Gas Prices, Initial Conditions and Retrofits Determine the Cost of Controlling CO2 Emissions"
Timothy L. Johnson, David W. Keith


CEIC 02-09: “Is the Answer to Climate Change Blowing In the Wind?
Joseph DeCarolis, David W. Keith

CEIC 02-08: “A Power Quality Study of Carnegie Mellon University.
Yinglan Tan.

CEIC 02-07: "The Regulatory Environment for Small Independent Micro-grid Companies" M. Granger Morgan and Hisham Zerriffi

CEIC 02-06: "The Model of Pivotal Oligopoly Applied to Electricity
” Dimitri Perekhodstev, Lester B. Lave, Seth Blumsack.

CEIC 02-05: "Electricity and Conflict: Advantages Of A Distributed
" Hisham Zerriffi, Hadi Dowlatabadi, and Alex Farrell.

CEIC 02-04: "Emissions From Distributed Generation." Neil D. Strachan
and Alex Farrell.

CEIC-02-03: "Modeling the Potential Savings of an Air Conditioner Reset Demand Response Program." Peter van der Heijden.

CEIC-02-02: "Residual Risk and the Valuation of Leases under Uncertainty and Limited Information." David C. Rode, Paul S. Fischbeck, and Steve R. Dean.

CEIC-02-01: "Monte Carlo Methods for Appraisal and Valuation: A Case Study of a Nuclear Power Plant." David C. Rode, Paul S. Fischbeck, and Steve R. Dean.


CEIC-01-05: "The First Year of the NOx budget." Alexander E. Farrell.

CEIC-01-04: "Electricity and Conflict: An Evaluation of Distributed Co-Generation as an Economic and Reliable Solution." Hisham Zerriffi, Hadi Dowlatabadi, and Neil Strachan.

CEIC-01-03: "Distributed Generation and Path Dependency." Neil Strachan.

CEIC-01-02: "Multi-lateral emission trading: Implications for international efforts from two U.S. examples." Alexander E. Farrell and M. Granger Morgan.

CEIC-01-01: "Capacity withholding equilibrium in wholesale electricity markets." Lester B. Lave and Dimitri Perekhodstev.