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Demand Estimation

Estimating Electricity Demand:
Utilities need to know: 1. What incentives are effective in shifting demand from peak to off peak, 2. the short and long term responsiveness of demand to price changes, and 3. how to forecast long term electricity demand based on changes in income, demographics, and other factors. We constructed a large review of the extant literature. We are now examining a detailed data base of small industrial and commercial customers in California during a period of significant price change. Other aspects of demand to be examined include how users behave when they are offered a choice of different suppliers and contracts, and to see if this changes load patterns.
Contact: Chantal Brandon, Lester Lave

Costs and Benefits of Thermal Energy Storage:
We are studying the load-shifting provided by thermal energy storage systems (TES) – technologies designed to store heat or cold energy for later use. We find that cool storage provides great benefit for electric utilities. Cool TES shifts the customer’s electricity demand from the peak to the off-peak hours, greatly benefiting the utility. Little TES has been installed because the full benefits are not shared with the customer. We examine the conditions under which TES lowers social costs.
Contact: Dmitri Perekhodstev, Lester Lave

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