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Reliability and Security

Survival of Essential Missions:
Measures can be taken to reduce the number of large-scale power losses due to failures of the generation and high voltage transmission grid. However, such failures cannot be eliminated. The survival of essential missions is a more tractable problem than the prevention of all large cascading failures, and its solutions are verifiable. We have outlined a program to lower the social costs of power failures through successful preservation of those essential missions.
Contact: Jay Apt, Marija Ilic, Lester Lave, Granger Morgan, Sarosh Talukdar

Autonomous Agents for Power System Control:
We examine the extent to which power systems can be controlled with distributed autonomous agents.
Contact: Sarosh Talukdar, Paul Hines

Architecture of a Survivable Power Grid:
We explore communication architectures for the electric power grid which are survivable against coordinated disruption. By using hybrid models of grid information technology, power dynamics, cyber-attacks, policy and markets we examine the survivability characteristics of candidate architectures, including distributed agent systems for fast, autonomous control.
Contact: Benoit Morel, Sarosh Talukdar, Marija Ilic, Jay Apt

Advanced Protocols for Gird Reliability:
We develop improved protocols for communication and control to enhance grid reliability.
Contact: Marija Ilic

Improving Reliability with Distributed Resources:
We use stochastic simulation to determine the extent to which distributed resource can improve reliability.
Contact: Hisham Zerriffi, Alex Farrell, Granger Morgan, Hadi Dowlatabadi

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