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2001-02 Seminars

The Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center sponsors a weekly seminar series at noon on Thursdays in GSIA 388. These seminars provide an informal means of presenting research, listening to outside speakers, and learning about the electricity industry. Upcoming and past seminar speakers and topics are listed below.

Thursday, May 11
Karl Pfirrmann, Vice President, System Planning & Operations, Allegheny
PJM West - Expanding the Mid-Atlantic Energy Market.

Thursday, March 28
Sarosh Talukdar, Electrical and Computer Engineering
The Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC) and some grand

Wednesday, March 20
Markus Bayegan, Chief Technology Officer, ABB.
ABB's vision of the future of the electricity industry

Thursday, March 7
Mike Berkenpas (Department of Engineering and Public Policy)
The Next Hurdle - Mercury Control for Coal-Fired Power Plants

Thursday, February 28
David Rode (Dept. of Social and Decision Sciences and DAI Management Consultants) 
Paul Fischbeck (Dept. of Social and Decision Sciences and Department of Engineering and Public Policy)
Evaluating the Financial Performance of Power Generation Assets (2): Cash Flow Risk Analysis and Portfolio Optimization

Thursday, February 21
Michael Berkenpass, EPP
The next hurdle: mercury controls
Mike will discuss recent research on these issues, focusing on the next big hurdle for coal-fired power plants - controlling mercury emissions. He will discuss the data analysis and modeling that has been conducted at CMU over the last several years and its role in underpinning the major studies that are being relied by Congress as they consider this problem.

February 15
Linda Stuntz Former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy
Presented in conjunction with EPP's "How Washington Works" seminar, Ms. Stuntz will discuss current policy issues in electricity and other areas.

February 7
Joseph DeCarolis and David Keith, EPP
Wind Power

January 24
Paul Fischbeck and David Rode
Evaluating the Financial Performance of Power Generation Assets: Applications of Neural Networks, Autonomous Agents, and Variance Reduction Methods

January 17
Ed Rubin, EPP
How Environmental Regulations Will Shape The Future Of The U.S. Utility Industry.

December 11
Alex Farrell, EPP
Electricity industry security and survivability

December 6
Chengshan Wang, ECE
Urban power distribution planning

November 15
Seth Blumsack, Tepper
Commoditization in North American Power Markets

November 8
Neil Strachan, EPP
Distributed Generation: Business and policy implications

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