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2002-03 Seminars

The Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center sponsors a weekly seminar series at noon on Tuesdays in the EPP conference room. These seminars provide an informal means of presenting research, listening to outside speakers, and learning about the electricity industry. Upcoming and past seminar speakers and topics are listed below. When possible the slides for the talk are also available.

If you plan on attending a seminar, please contact Marilyn Walgora (, so we can order sufficient food for lunch.

If you would like to give a seminar, or have a good idea for a seminar topic, please contact Jay Apt ( or 412-268-3003).

Date/Day Location Speaker Title
6/16/03 EPP Conference Room Dr. Rangan Banerjee
Visiting Faculty EPP
Comparison of Options for Distributed Generation in India
5/13/03 EPP Conference Room Anshu Bharadwaj
Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, Dept of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
Solid Oxide fuel cells - An engineering economic analysis
5/06/03 EPP Conference Room Santosh Ananthraman
Chief Executive Officer, Pulse Metrics
Market Surveillance at Stock Exchanges: Lessons for the Electricity Industry
5/01/03 EPP Conference Room Dr. Rattan Lal
School of Natural Resources
The Ohio State University
Soil Sequestration of Carbon
4/22/03 EPP Conference Room Ed Rubin
Alumni Professor of Environmental Engineering and Science, Carnegie Mellon University
Coal Gasification and the Meaning of Life
4/15/03 EPP Conference Room Dr. Kalyan K. Sen
Fellow Engineer at Curtiss-Wright Electro-Mechanical Corporation and IEEE
Distinguished Lecturer
Recent Developments in Electric Power Transmission Technology
4/08/03 EPP Conference Room Dr. Rahul Tongia
India's power sector: (de)regulation and reforms
4/01/03 EPP Conference Room Dallas Burtraw
Senior Fellow, Quality of the Environment Division,
Resources For The Future
Integrated Assessment of Science and Economics for Designing Air Pollution Policies
3/18/03 EPP Conference Room Audun Botterud
Visiting doctoral candidate, MIT Laboratory for Energy and the Environment
Investment in generation assets under uncertainty in restructured power markets
3/11/03 EPP Conference Room Joule Bergerson
CEIC, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy
Transport of Coal by Rail vs. Transmission for Electricity Generation: An Application of Hybrid LCA Comparative Analysis
3/4/03 EPP Conference Room Shalini Vajjhala
CEIC, Engineering and Public Policy
Metrics for understanding transmission line siting
2 PM
EPP Conference Room Bert N. Davis, Ph.D., P.E.
Bert Davis & Associates Consulting Engineers
An engineering/economic analysis of solar photovoltaic power
2/18/03 EPP Conference Room Dalia Patiño-Echeverri
CEIC, Engineering and Public Policy
The effects of uncertainty on investment in emissions control for power plants
2/11/03 EPP Conference Room Tim Johnson
CEIC, Engineering and Public Policy
Multipollutant Emissions Reduction and CO2 Control: The Costs of Regulatory Uncertainty
EPP Conference Room Marija Ilic
CEIC, Engineering and Public Policy and Electrical and Computer Engineering
Making electric power systems both secure and efficient: Protocols for dynamic energy control (PDEC)
12/5/02 EPP Conference Room Richard Silberglitt
Analysis of distributed generation in metropolitan Chicago, including load flow analysis
11/25/02 EPP Conference Room Ellen Ewart
Senior Consultant, Platts/RDI
Structure and Outlook for the U.S. Coal and power industries
11/5/02 EPP Conference Room Shimon Awerbuch
International Energy Agency
Valuing Renewables and Other New Technology (Coupled With a Digression on T&D Network Organization, Regulation and Pricing)
11/1/02 EPP Conference Room Bruce Wollenberg
University of Minnesota
Optimizing the Operation of Power System Open Markets
10/21/02 EPP Conference Room Tom Schneider
Private Consultant (ex-EPRI)
R&D Strategies for the Electricity Industry
10/15/02 GSIA - CBI Lounge Kate Jackson
Exeuctive Vice President, 
River System & Environment, 
Tennessee Valley Authority
Introduction to TVA and power supply planning, plus issues for Standard Market Design
10/10/02 GSIA - CBI Lounge Alex Farrell
Energy Supply Options for CMU
9/30/02 EPP Conference Room Bill Lukin
The Bolton Institute
Regulatory Reform in the U.K. Electricity Industry
(Co-Sponsored with the History Department)
9/26/02 EPP Conference Room Dave Loucks
P.E., EATON|Cutler-Hammer
Power quality and Distributed Generation: What Problem Are You Asking It To Solve?
9/23/02 GSIA 3rd Floor – CBI Lounge Seth Blumsack and Lester Lave
Pivotal Firms and Market Power
9/19/02 EPP Conference room Anshu Bharadwaj
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 
Mechanical Engineering
& Engineering and Public Policy
Biomass gasification for rural distributed generation: engineering and economic analysis
9/9/02 Carnegie Bosch Institute Lounge (GSIA 3rd floor) Barbara Barkovich
Principal, Barkovich & Yap
Politics and Markets: The situation in California and its implications for the future
9/5/02 GSIA 388 Dimitri Perkehodstev, Seth Blumsack, and Lester Lave, Tepper Measuring Market Power in Deregulated Generation Markets

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