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2005-06 Seminars

The Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center sponsors a weekly seminar series on Thursdays at 12:00 PM in the EPP conference room (Baker Hall 129) or in Hamburg Hall 2503. These seminars provide an informal means of presenting research, listening to outside speakers, and learning about the electricity industry. Upcoming and past seminar speakers and topics are listed below. When possible the slides for the talk are also available.

If you plan on attending a seminar, please contact Candace King (, so we can order sufficient food for lunch.

If you would like to give a seminar, or have a good idea for a seminar topic, please contact Jay Apt ( or 412-268-3003).

Date/Day Location Speaker Title
5/30/06 EPP Conference Room Chris Marnay
Staff Scientist
Berkeley Lab
"Towards Systemic Analysis of Building Energy Systems"
4/20/06 EPP Conference Room Rodger McKain
President, SOFCo-EFS Holdings LLC
"Fuel Cells, an Emerging High-Technology Industry"
4/6/06 EPP Conference Room Dr. Stephen Kuznetsov
President, Power Superconductor Applications Corp.
"Latest Advances in Superconducting Power Apparatus for Electric Utilities"
3/16/06 EPP Conference Room Peter Behr
Washington Post
"Electricity Deregulation - A Political Failure."
3/9/06 EPP Conference Room David C. Cannon Jr.
Vice President, Environment, Health and Safety
Allegheny Energy, Inc.

"Improving Environmental Performance in the Midst of Financial Recovery: I'm scrubbing as fast as I can."
3/2/06 EPP Conference Room Paul Joskow
"Investment incentive issues and the interactions between engineering reliability standards and competitive electricity markets"
2/23/06 EPP Conference Room Karen Herter
Lawrence Berkeley Lab
"Temperature Effects on Residential Electric Price Response."
2/9/06 EPP Conference Room William Rosenberg

"Developing a gasification plant under the 3Party Covenant , utilizing Federal Loan Guarantees and Investment Tax Credits incentives enacted in EPACT 2000"
2/2/06 EPP Conference Room Richard Munson
Northeast Midwest Institute
"From Edison to Enron"
1/19/06 EPP Conference Room Bob Cummings
North American Electric Reliability Council
"Blackout of August 14, 2003 - Power System Forensic Analyses"
12/8/05 EPP Conference Room Harvey Reiter
Stinson Morrison Hecker, LLP., Washington D.C.
"The Contrasting Policies of the FCC and FERC Regarding the Importance of Open Transmission Networks in Downstream Competitive Markets"
12/1/05 Hamburg Hall 2503 Constantine Samaras
Carnegie Mellon University
"Technical Advancements and Public Policies Affecting Wind Power's Past, Present and Future"
11/10/05 EPP Conference Room Hamid Elahi
Global Director
GE Energy - Energy Solutions
"Power Market Overview"
11/8/05 EPP Conference Room Adam Rose
The Pennsylvania State University
Business Interruption Impacts of a Terrorist Attack on the Electric Power System of Los Angeles: Customer Resilience to a Total Blackout


11/3/05 EPP Conference Room Dale Simbeck
SFA Pacific, Inc.
"'Gaming' the Global Climate Change Issues"
10/31/05 EPP Conference Room Bill Goldsmith
Nucon Energy
"The Nucon Biomass plant: permits and finance in India"
10/27/05 EPP Conference Room Michael Eastman
Senior Manager
Strategic Center for Coal
National Energy Technology Laboratory
"U.S. Scene for Electric Power and Future Energy Systems -- Tipping Point or Opportunity for Clean Coal Technologies?"
*4 PM

*Joint With ECE

Scaife Hall Auditorium Kevin Clements
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"State Estimation"
10/6/05 EPP Conference Room William Rosenberg
Carnegie Mellon University and Harvard Kennedy School of Government
"Real-world Advice to Congress: How Gasification Tax Credits Became Law"
9/29/05 Hamburg Hall 2503 Paulina Jaramillo
Carnegie Mellon University
"LIquefied Natural Gas"
9/22/05 EPP Conference Room Paul Hines
Carnegie Mellon University
"Nuclear Power Plants, Reactive Power, and FERC: a summary of work performed during a summer internship at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission"
9/15/05 Hamburg Hall 2503 Dr. Joule Bergerson
Carnegie Mellon University
"Investment Decisions under the Uncertainty of Carbon Legislation"
9/8/05 EPP Conference Room Prof. Granger Morgan
Carnegie Mellon University
"The EPRI Summer Study and the NRECA Research Meeting"

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