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2007-08 Seminars

Towards Sustainable Coal Power in India

Dr. Ananth Chikkatur
Energy Technology Innovation Policy Project
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University

As one of world’s fastest growing economies, India’s appetite for energy has been steadily increasing. At the same time, India faces several different energy challenges. This talk will focus on the role of coal in meeting India’s current and future energy needs, particularly in power generation.
India stands poised on the edge of significant growth in coal power, and it is critical now to assess how increasing coal use fits into the larger sustainability aspirations of the country. While global discussions on coal and sustainability are primarily focused on cleaner coal technologies and greenhouse gas mitigation, coal use in India is embedded within a more complex environment. The talk will highlight the various challenges and constraints in the Indian coal power sector and the role of advanced technologies in meeting the key challenges. Finally, policy options for transitioning the Indian coal-power sector onto a cleaner and more sustainable path will be discussed.