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2006-07 Seminars

Air Pollution Control in the U.S.Today.

Michael A. Sandell
Vice-President, Technology
Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control Inc

The air pollution control industry in today’s world is significantly different than when the first Clean Air Act was passed. Air emissions are much more tightly controlled today than in 1972. Most industries are affected and a larger number of flue gas constituents are regulated. The selection and design of the equipment utilized to achieve air emission requirements has evolved to be unique for each facility. There is no one size fits all in today’s market place.

This short presentation will introduce the listener to Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control, a Siemens company. Wheelabrator’s products are used to aid our customers in meeting their specific requirements. The driving forces behind the selection of these specialized product selections, the range of current emission limits, economics of supply, marketplace constraints, engineering requirements and how we meet them and typical installation schedule examples will also be discussed. A special emphasis will be placed on the electric generating market as this is by far the largest segment in today’s air pollution control market.