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2004-05 Seminars

Alternative Models for Deregulating the Electric Power Industry

Bruce Edelston
Director, Policy and Planning, Southern Company

The electric power industry, partly because it is regulated at both the state and federal levels and partly because of the fallout from the Enron and California experiences, is evolving into different structures in different regions and states. Wholesale competition (and retail competition in some states) is driving changes in regulation and the traditional vertically-integrated nature of the industry, but because there is no national consensus on how markets should evolve, there are multiple frameworks that have developed across the country. Southern Company, following the lead of its own state regulators, has decided that the traditional vertically-integrated model with competitive procurement to serve incremental needs and a strong continuing role for state regulators is the best model for the region it serves. But Southern Company's position has been quite controversial with wholesale market participants and federal regulators. Mr. Edelston will discuss Southern Company's view of the evolving industry and compare and contrast its' view with other models of deregulation.

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