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2006-07 Seminars

Exciting R&D Activities at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Dr. Robert B. Schainker
Strategic Planning, EPRI Office of Innovation

This presentation will cover an overview of the U.S. Electric Power System, the role of EPRI in electric utility R&D, key drivers of R&D, a scenario-based approach for R&D
planning, key R&D opportunities, and examples of recent EPRI R&D project results.
The presentation is not intended to include an exhaustive list of technology R&D projects and priorities; instead, it presents the approach used and presents R&D needs perceived to be particularly important today. The presentation will briefly describe U.S. technology

R&D needs in the following seven areas: power generation (nuclear and fossil based),
electric energy storage, environment, power delivery (transmission and distribution),
efficient end uses of electricity, power and fuel markets, and technology innovation/emerging technologies (e.g., biotechnology, nanotechnology, smart materials and sensors and advanced information technology).

EPRI plans to periodically update the R&D approach used, as needed to reflect new
technological advances, regulatory realities, market changes, and economic factors facing the U.S. electric power industry. Future work will include developing a plan to prepare for, and react effectively to, scenario “wild cards” – additional institutional, political, financial, technical, or social changes not explicitly addressed in this presentation – that will likely have a major impact on future R&D in the U.S.


EPRI Office of Innovation Strategic Planning Report
     Volume 1
     Volume 2