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2011 -12 Seminars

Importance of an Integrated System Design in Offshore Wind Projects

Dr. Denis Ozkan
Project Coordinator
Atlantic Wind Connection

In general, a system is defined as "a process that converts inputs to output". It is also a collection of independent and interrelated entities that interact with each other to form a complex whole. An offshore wind plant is a perfect example of a complex system that works in a complex environment. It contains several subsystems that work closely together. Any design choice can have significant impacts on both the energy output and the cost of a specific component or subsystem. And this impact does not only affect the component under consideration. A change in a specific component can have indirect effects on the other components costs and performances too. For this reason, an offshore wind power plant system should ideally be optimized for the selected site characteristics including meteorological, topographical, oceanographic, power network, environmental policies etc. The integrated system design analysis including modeling challenges, affected entities and potential benefits will be discussed and sample findings from the Atlantic Wind Connection project will be presented.