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2012 -13 Seminars

Distributed PV Monitoring Plant Performance and Voltage: Observations Using High Resolution Field Data

Chris Trueblood
Sr. Project Engineer
Electric Power Research Institute

EPRI has partnered with a number of U.S. utilities to monitor distributed PV systems and provide a detailed characterization of their output variability in a variety of local environmental conditions. Detailed, high resolution (one-second) solar input and ac power output data is currently being collected at several 1MW PV plants and 150+ single-module PV monitoring systems. These PV monitoring systems are deployed on specific distribution circuits to capture solar variability and service voltage variations. This presentation will deliver insights into the importance of field monitoring and how measurement data can be used to benefit PV research and integration into utility distribution systems. The variable output from 1MW PV plants can impact the distribution service voltage, and measured results showing the extent and severity of this effect will be shared. Because EPRI has deployed single-module PV monitoring systems in close proximity to several 1MW PV plants, output from a single PV module (with a micro-inverter) can be compared to the overall output from a 1MW plant. EPRI will offer insight into PV plant performance and balance-of-system implications.