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2012 -13 Seminars

Dynamic Management of Integrated Residential Energy Systems

Matteo Muratori
Ph.D. Candidate & Graduate Research Associate
Center for Automotive Research, The Ohio State University

Nowadays, energy-related expenditures, fossil fuel dependency, the need for greater energy security, and concern about climate changes call for a radical paradigm shift in the energy industry. Solutions for such a complex problem cannot be obtained through simple reasoning or one-dimensional thinking. Comprehensive and accurate models of the next-generation energy systems are needed to face this challenge. This research aims at developing a highly-resolved model of a Residential Energy Eco-System (REES). Such a system captures all the energy consumption of an individual, to include all household appliances, HVAC systems, and charging of plug-in electric vehicles. It comprises several energy carriers, including electricity, gasoline and natural gas. The REES model is composed of several sub-models, which are detailed enough for the purpose of this study and have been validated against measured data. The proposed model allows for the simulation of different “what-if?” scenarios and evaluation of different technology adoptions. Further, a dynamic energy management framework is developed to intelligently manage energy consumption in the Residential Energy Eco-System in order to minimize total energy-related cost, subject to pertinent positive and negative externalities. This tool will serve as a virtual laboratory for investigating fundamental economic and policy-related questions regarding the interplay of individual consumers with energy-use aspects including but not necessarily limited to: interaction with the power grid, demand-side energy management and demand response, domestic distributed power generation and storage, and residential charging of natural gas or plug-in electric vehicles.