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2012 -13 Seminars

Oxycombustion CCS Demonstration Technology Development Center at CIUDEN (Spain)

Dr. Monica Lupion
International Affairs Director
CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage Technology Programme

One of the current European R&D initiatives focusing on carbon capture and storage (CCS) is the Technological Centre for CO2 Capture and Transport, which is supported by the Spanish Government through the Fundación Ciudad de la Energía (CIUDEN). CIUDEN is a research and development institution created by the Spanish Administration in 2006 and fully conceived for collaborative research in carbon capture, transport and storage. The Technology Development Centre for CO2 Capture comprises two different technologies on oxycombustion: Pulverized Coal (PC, 50 MWth) and Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB). Focusing on oxy-CFB, the 30 MWth unit, provided by Foster Wheeler, achieved first fire on coal in September 2011 and underwent initial oxy-mode commissioning in December 2011. Initial commissioning activities have been concluded, and testing has begun. The CFB unit is fully operational and already booked for testing during 2012-2013. The first experimental test runs, including integrated operation with the CPU and transport rig, are already ongoing (2nd semester of 2012). A wide variety of fuels and blends are to be tested during this time, including local anthracite, petcoke, bituminous coal, and biomass co-firing. This oxy-CFB installation, which is the first of its class, will provide a real basis for the design and operation of flexible and competitive oxycombustion facilities at the demonstration scale. The results achieved here aim to validate the design of a 330 MWe supercritical Oxy-Combustion Power Station (EEPR OXY-CFB-300 Compostilla Demo Project, developed by ENDESA, CIUDEN and Foster Wheeler) intended to demonstrate the CCS technology in commercial scale. This presentation includes the description of the facility, the testing program, initial experiences during the commissioning period and first preliminary results of the 30MWth oxy-CFB. A brief description of the Compostilla Project, one of the 6 demo projects funded by the European Commission, is also included.