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2012 -13 Seminars

Realising the Value of Storing Electricity to Enable Decarbonisation; Technology in a UK/EU Policy Context

Tim Fox
Head of Energy and Environment
Institution of Mechanical Engineers

UK and European Union (EU) policy on climate change mitigation is driving an increase in the proportion of UK electricity supply derived from renewable energy sources. To date, relatively small proportions of wind, solar and biomass based power have been installed in comparison to conventional generation. However, the UK Government expect this proportion to increase by an order of magnitude in the next ten years, with a particular focus on exploitation of wind resources. As wind is an intermittent source of energy in the UK, when the proportion of this source increases in the generation mix, additional measures such as energy storage will be needed to maintain a safe and efficient balance between electricity supply and demand on the nationís power system. This presentation will describe current UK thinking on electricity storage technology as part of a decarbonisation strategy, consider its potential to build network resilience and enable community level engagement with renewables, as well as explore ideas about added value through cost saving and increased asset utilization. The energy policy developments needed to enable storage to realise its full potential in a future UK power network will be discussed and comparisons will be made with developments in Germany, where aspirations of the Energiewende to achieve 80% of electricity generation from renewables by 2050 means energy storage is rising up that nationís policy agenda.