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2013 -14 Seminars

Grid Scale Applications for Bulk and Distributed Electrochemical Energy Storage

Zak Kuznar
Senior Project Manager, Emerging Technology Office
Duke Energy

Bulk Energy storage has been around for a long time and has provided many benefits to the electric power grid. Technologies such has pumped hydro and compressed air have shown the ability to store off-peak generation and shift it to when it is needed – during peak hours. However, both of these technologies are limited by geographical location and response time. In recent years, a number of technological advances have been made in electrochemical energy storage (battery) for the grid. Lithium Ion in particular has been getting a lot of attention with the increase in manufacturing of electric vehicles. The same battery modules can also be integrated into larger formats which can be deployed at a number of transmission and distribution locations to provide benefits such as energy shifting, black start, frequency regulation, renewable integration and back-up power - just to name a few. This talk will evaluate Duke Energy’s electrochemical energy storage deployments at various locations along the transmission and distribution system discussing the different chemistries used, applications tested, initial data and results, along with future test plans. The future of energy storage along with challenges from both a technology and regulatory perspective will also be discussed.