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About Us

Our Role at Carnegie Mellon

Business ethics today requires a truly international approach that takes cultural differences into account.  The Center for International Corporate Responsibility aims to raise awareness and increase understanding of the global consequences of corporate decisions.

What We Do

The center, founded in early 2002, approaches its mission from several directions.


  • We aim to stimulate interest in ethics at the Business School, in several ways:  
  • We organize a speaker series.  Past speakers include George Soros and John Dunning.  
  • We organize Ethics Lunches.  Recent Lunches have been attended by 50-70 students and faculty.
  • We provide ethics-related teaching material to faculty for integration into existing 
  • We provide ethical analyses of case studies used in their courses.
  • We sponsor an intensive ethics workshop for entering full-time MBA students during orientation week.


  • We organize conferences on International Corporate Responsibility with a participants 
    from a wide variety of geographic, cultural, and economic backgrounds.  The first three were in Pittsburgh (June 2002), Amsterdam (June 2004), and Hong Kong (September 2006).
  • We publish conference proceedings.
  • We organized a track on Ethics and Cultural Factors at the CBI semiannual meeting in Pittsburgh (October 2004) and a forum on Ethics of Intellectual Property at the Stuttgart meeting in 2005.

Why Focus on International Corporate Responsibility?

As the world shrinks, its nations and peoples remain as diverse as ever.  Business executives 
make global decisions but may not understand the cultural and economic systems their 
decisions affect.  Corporate responsibility has assumed international proportions and, in the 
process, a new level of complexity.  A key aim of CICR
is to understand the cultural situation and how it bears on corporate social responsibility.