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Tepper School of Business

Jonathan Cagan
Mechanical Engineering

Membership Benefits

An annual CPSI symposium will allow all Members to see progress and results on all CPSI projects, including those form government funding sources. All Members will be invited to participate in an Advisory Board meeting at that time with the CPSI Directors to provide guidance to the center. (In addition to the annual meeting, CPSI will meet with Members on individual projects and opportunities on a regular basis.)

Priority in sponsorship of major innovation-based project courses including the award winning Integrated Product Development course, and engineering capstone courses. Course will focus on company specific, open-ended problem.

At member request, CPSI will organize and lead an Innovation Summit annually for executives of member companies. The summit wil entail a series of roundtable discussions, presentations and lessons between members on current innovation topics and issues. All participants will be at non-competitive industries and thus will be by invitation only. All attendees will sign NDAs between companies to enable open discussion. If the Summit is held at Carnegie Mellon, Gold Members attend at no additional charge.

CPSI will offer training courses for members. Gold members may attend one course at Carnegie Mellon per year at no additional charge.

CPSI will organize summer internships from students in the Masters of Product Development program, Tepper School of Business, engineering college, and industrial design.

CPSI will host a monthly seminar series; all Members will be included on invitation lists to the seminar.

Corporate membership fees will be leveraged with ongoing and new collaborative research grants by CPSI researchers.

$25,000 Basic Annual Membership

$150,000 Gold Annual Membership

Gold membership include Basic membership PLUS:

Other benefits such as those discussed below at no or reduced charge

Members may switch between Membership levels annually. However, members are asked to make a 3-year commitment to CPSI. Additional projects may be sponsored at reduced rates.

Collaborative Research Projects: for each project: $75K/Basic member/year; $50K/Gold member/year[1]

Members may participate in collaborative research projects co-sponsored with other companies for an additional fee. Member companies with a common goal may together sponsor a CPSI project. Innovation Summits and Advisory Board meetings will enable identification of such intra-company common needs.

[1] For Gold members, collaborative project can serve as project for membership at no additional charge.