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Working Papers


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Relevant Publications

Electricity Technologies and Policies

Risk Perceptions

  • Fischhoff, B.  (in press).  The emotions of the nuclear experts.  Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.
  • Fischhoff, B. (2011). Communicating the risks of terrorism (and anything else). American Psychologist.
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Public Acceptance

  • Krishnamurti, T. (2011, March 17). The Politicized Light Bulb: Cost and Impact. New York Times: The Opinion Pages. http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2011/03/17/the-politicized-light-bulb/
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  • Krishnamurti, T. Schwartz, D., Davis, A., Fischhoff, B., Bruine de Bruin, W., Lave, L., & Wang, J. (2012). Preparing for smart grid technologies: A behavioral decision research approach to understanding consumer expectations about smart meters. Energy Policy, 41, 790-797.
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Behavioral Reserach and Interventions


  • Fischhoff, B. (2009). Risk Perception and Communication. In R. Detels, R. Beaglehole, M.A. Lansang, and M. Gulliford (Eds), Oxford Textbook of Public Health, Fifth Edition (pp. 940-952). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Reprinted in N.K. Chater (Ed.), Judgement and Decision Making. London: Sage.


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Decision-making Competence

  • Fischhoff, B. (2008). Assessing adolescent decision-making competence. Developmental Review, 28, 12-28.
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