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Operations Research Group

Faculty Members

Egon Balas Tepper page
Gérard Cornuéjols Tepper page, personal page
John Hooker Tepper page, personal page
Fatma Kılınç-Karzan Tepper page, personal page
François Margot Tepper page, personal page
Javier Peña Tepper page, personal page
R. Ravi Tepper page, personal page
Michael Trick Tepper page, personal page
Willem-Jan Van Hoeve Tepper page personal page

Visiting Faculty/Scholar

Daniel Schmidt

Ph.D. Students

Johannes (Gerdus) Benade
Andre Augusto Cire
Stelios Despotakis
Tarek Elgindy
Hung (Nam) Ho-Nguyen
Yang Jiao
Jeremy Karp
Aleksandr Kazachkov
Dabeen Lee
Ryo Kimura
Dennis Schlief
Thiago Serra
Christian Tjandraamadja
Nan Xiong
Sercan Yildiz

Recent Ph.D. Recipients (since 2006)

Abstracts and Theses
Negar Soheili Azad, "Elementary Algorithms for Solving Convex Optimization Problems" (2014)
Amitabh Basu, "Corner Polyhedra and Maximal Lattice-free Convex Sets: A Geometric Approach to Cutting Planes" (2010)
David Bergman, "New Techniques for Discrete Optimization" (2013)
Atul Bhandari, "Stochastic Optimization Problems in the Service Industry with Customer Considerations" (2006)
Latife Genc, "Hybrid Approaches to Scheduling and Clustering" (2008)
Vineet Goyal, "Combinatorial Optimization Under Uncertainty" (2008)
Samid Hoda, "Essays on Equilibrium Computation, Constraint-based Scheduling and 0-1 Programming" (2010)
Miroslav Karamanov, "Branch and Cut: An Empirical Study" (2006)
Qihang Lin, "Large-Scale Optimization for Machine Learning and Sequential Decision Making" (2013)
Marco Molinaro, "Understanding the Strength of General-Purpose Cutting Planes" (2013)
Selvaprabu Nadarajah, "Approximate Dynamic Programming for Commodity and Energy Merchant Operations" (2014)
Viswanath Nagarajan, "Approximation Algorithms for Sequencing Problems" (2009)
Benjamin Peterson, "Transportation Scheduling Methods" (2010)
Andrea Qualizza, "Cutting Planes for Mixed-Integer Programming" (2011)
Seyed Amin Sayedi Roshkar, "Essays on Sponsored Search Advertising" (2012)
Anureet Saxena, "Integer Programming, a Technology" (2008)
Mohit Singh, "Iterative Methods in Combinatorial Optimization" (2008)
Teresa Sousa, "Minimum Edge Decompositions of Graphs" (2006)
John Turner, "Ad Slotting and Pricing: New Media Planning Models for New Media" (2010)
Hakan Yildiz, "Methodologies and Applications for Scheduling, Routing & Related Problems" (2008)
Tallys Yunes, "On the Integration of Optimization Techniques" (2006)

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