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The Western Finance Association is pleased to announce that SAC Capital PhD Candidate Awards for Outstanding Research are being given to doctoral students who have been selected to present their research at the 2011 WFA Meetings. The awards will be received by students with single-authored papers on the conference program or shared by students who co-authored papers on the program with other students.

The SAC Capital PhD Candidate Award for Outstanding Research 2011

Bradyn Breon-Drish, University of California-Berkeley

Anna Cieslak, Northwestern University

Andres Donangelo, University of California-Berkeley

Hitesh Doshi, McGill University

Viktar Fedaseyeu, Boston College

Vyacheslav Fos, Columbia University

Brent Glover, University of Pennsylvania

Matthew Gustafson, University of Rochester

Yelena Larkin, Cornell University

Oliver Levine, University of Pennsylvania

Nadya Malenko, Stanford University

Andrey Malenko, Stanford University

Asaf Manela, University of Chicago

Alan Moreira, University of Chicago

James Park, University of Pennsylvania

Pavol Povala, University of Lugano

Malcolm Wardlaw, University of Texas-Austin

Fan Yang, University of Minnesota

Haoxiang Zhu, Stanford University